Shaping the future through Asia-Pacific partnership

2014-05-17 06:49:44

China again plays host to the Economic Leaders' Meeting of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation and other related events in 2014, the much-awaited APEC China Year, after its first host in Shanghai 13 years ago.

APEC prioritizes new growth drivers

2014-05-17 06:49:44

Trade and economic growth continue to improve across the Asia-Pacific. Yet, progress is uneven and the outlook for the medium-term is not as favorable as it could and should be.

Bloc to reduce burdens for smaller businesses

2014-05-15 07:12:15

APEC member economies called for policy support to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises contribute more to global value chains, which are becoming increasingly important in international trade.

Agreements include road map for free trade

2014-05-19 00:38:11

Asia-Pacific region trade ministers made "a series of important agreements" at their two-day meeting, including finalizing a road map for the creation of a free trade area, senior officials said on Sunday.

APEC ministers hear China's call for wider FTA

2014-05-18 07:37:30

Beijing aims to advance an Asia-Pacific free trade agreement during an APEC trade ministers' meeting - so as to boost regional integration.

APEC seeks market cooperation

2014-05-15 07:12:15

Senior officials from 21 economies of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation called on Wednesday for establishing a more open, integrated and productive market to create new growth opportunities.

Russia to take on active regional role

2014-05-15 07:12:15

Moscow will play an active part in Asia-Pacific affairs to advance the establishment of a regional free trade agreement, a senior Russian diplomat said on Wednesday.

What they say

2014-05-17 06:49:44

This meeting will include thorough discussions and agreements are expected to be reached on some key issues and priorities proposed by China, a host again after 13 years. The ongoing meetings will lay the foundation for the leaders summit in the autumn.

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