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Updated: 2014-02-28 07:24

(China Daily)

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Time line

APEC Events to be held on Chinese mainland

March 18: Preparatory meeting of the Fourth APEC Ocean-Related Ministerial Meeting and Symposium on APEC Marine Sustainable Development report in Xiamen

April 8-11: APEC Smart City Innovation and Technology Cooperation Forum in Changzhou

April 9-11: Third Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation Meeting in Changzhou

April 22-25: 20th Automotive Dialogue Meeting in Beijing

May: Counter-Terrorism Working Group Meeting in Qingdao

May 5-15: Second Senior Officials' Meeting and related meetings in Qingdao

May 17-18: Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting in Qingdao

May 18-20: APEC Internet Vehicles Forum in Shanghai

May 19-23: 47th Energy Working Group Meeting in Kunming

May 20-22: Women and the Economy Forum in Beijing

May 28-30: First APEC International Technology Broker Seminar in Suzhou

June 27-28: Ministers Responsible for Mining Meeting in Beijing

August: Third Senior Officials' Meeting in Beijing;

APEC Conference on Standards and Conformance in Harbin;

Workshop on Standards Professional in Harbin

Aug 27-28: Ocean-Related Ministers Meeting in Xiamen

Sept 2-3: Energy Ministers Meeting in Beijing

Sept 5: Small and Medium Enterprises Ministers Meeting in Nanjing; Wine Regulatory Forum Meeting in Beijing;

APEC High-Level Regulation-Industry Food Safety Dialogue in Beijing;

Finance Ministers Meeting in Beijing

Sept 17-19: 21st Automotive Dialogue Meeting in Shanghai

Sept 18-19: Food Security Ministers Meeting in Beijing;

8th APEC Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum in Beijing

October:  4th High Level Meeting on Health and the Economy in Beijing

Oct 5-8: Fourth APEC Business Advisory Council Meeting in Beijing

Nov 5-6: Concluding Senior Officials' Meeting

Nov 7-8: APEC Ministerial Meeting (AMM)

Nov 9-10: APEC CEO Summit

Nov 10-11: The 22nd APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting, APEC

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