APEC yielded good results for US and China: US officials

2014-11-19 11:00:26

This year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting (APEC) yielded outcomes for China and the US that both countries are "very happy with", according to US officials.

Recalibrating China-US relations

2014-11-13 07:50:18

Applying some strategic ambiguity in the South China Sea would be useful to ensure the stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific.

Free Asia-Pacific from Western hold

2014-11-13 07:50:18

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is meant to liberalize many profitable fields: free trade, innovative growth, and land and sea connectivity.

Chinese, American, or Pacific Dream

2014-11-13 07:50:18

Unlike the American Dream, the millennia-old Confucian culture and civilizational identity have been embedded into Xi's policy for national rejuvenation.

FTAAP a timely answer to China skeptics

2014-11-13 07:50:18

China is a leading member of the international community and has fulfilled all its responsibilities in that capacity.

Listen to what Asia might have to say

2014-11-12 09:14:25

President Obama has only two years of his eight-year presidency left but that's enough time for a more original, deeper contribution to the China-US history book than he has made so far.

Changing dynamics in China-US ties

2014-11-11 08:41:27

President Xi's upcoming meeting with his US counterpart Barack Obama during the APEC conference will consolidate future Sino-US ties.

Tokyo should not let shrine hold relations hostage

2014-11-11 08:41:27

After more than two years of a deepening freeze, relations between Beijing and Tokyo are currently undergoing a thaw.

Apex of Asia-Pacific cooperation

2014-11-08 08:35:05

China has never been as confident of its reform and opening-up as it is today. As host of the APEC conference, China is ready to play a more active role for the prosperity of the Asia-Pacific region and APEC's development.

Free trade created quite a stir

2014-11-12 17:57:50

Joining in a fierce and chaotic competition for a printed copy of the APEC outcome documents was the last thing I would have expected while sitting in the media section on Tuesday afternoon, waiting for President Xi Jinping’s news conference.

China, US should be sincere partners

2014-11-11 22:09:42

Like deja-vu, Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart, Barack Obama, strolled side by side and conversed -- this time in chilly weather in Beijing.

New opportunity for moving toward new type of major-country relations

2014-11-10 20:26:53

During the ongoing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum meetings here, the highly-expected talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama have been put under a global spotlight.

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