New opportunity for moving toward new type of major-country relations

Updated: 2014-11-10 20:26


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BEIJING - During the ongoing Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum meetings here, the highly-expected talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his US counterpart Barack Obama have been put under a global spotlight.

President Obama, who arrived here Monday to attend the 2014 informal economic leaders' meeting of APEC, and also for a state visit to China, will hold talks with President Xi and discuss the future development of bilateral ties.

The two countries should take this golden new opportunity to cement strategic mutual trust and win-win cooperation for common interests, as they are indispensable to establishing a new type of major-country relations between China and the United States.

This will be the second meeting between Xi and Obama this year, which will demonstrate the two leaders' commitments to continuously advancing China-US ties despite some divergences.

It is a blessing for the world that major countries like China and the US have come to consensus on fostering such a relationship and avoiding confrontation. Yet translating the consensus into reality requires wisdom and concrete actions.

It is important for the two sides to consistently cultivate mutual trust and deepen pragmatic cooperation, as they are the cornerstones of a new type of major-country relations.

The two countries have the ability to build such a relationship, which is not only for their own good, but also serves the interests of the Asia-Pacific region and the whole world at large.

The active participation of both China and the US has contributed greatly to the development of Asia-Pacific economies. The increasing China-US military exchanges will also boost regional and global security.

The upcoming Xi-Obama summit is set to present a new opportunity for the two countries to directly exchange views, improve understandings and address differences, as well as work together to create a better environment for developing a new type of major-country relations.

With increasingly intertwined common interests and growing stakes in each other's success, both China and the US should endeavor to strengthen strategic mutual trust and facilitate win-win cooperation so as to propel reciprocal and common development.