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Rio Olympic Village opens its gate

The brand new complex of residential towers are where nearly 11,000 athletes and some 6,000 coaches and other handlers will sleep, eat and train during the upcoming games, that will kickoff on Aug 5.

Harting ready to rip up Rio

2016-08-03 07:39

Olympic discus champion Robert Harting is Germany's version of the 'The Incredible Hulk' - and he has sharp words for anyone who makes him angry.

Total domination American pros look to extend Olympic legacy

2016-08-03 07:39

An American squad of NBA stars and their Women's NBA counterparts are expected to add more history to an already amazing Olympic story at the Rio Games.

Fiji goes back to bare basics in training

2016-08-03 07:39

Fiji has never won Olympic gold, but that could change in Rio with a rugby sevens team that trains on sand dunes and in coral lagoons.

Aussie puts fitness first

2016-08-03 07:39

Australian weightlifter Tia-Clair Toomey is unlikely to win a medal at the Rio Olympics, but she can claim to be the fittest woman there.

IOC chief Bach calling for revamp of anti-doping system

2016-08-03 10:05

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach has called for a revamp of the world anti-doping system on Tuesday in the wake of the revelations of widespread doping in Russian sports.

Refugee's team of Hope aspire to prove a point at Rio Olympics

2016-08-03 09:43

The group of athletes, who have gained the required Olympic qualification, will be lining up on the parade during the opening ceremony on Friday, knowing that their effort to compete at the ultimate stage in sports excellence, will inspire hope to millions of their sisters and brothers back home.

Top 8 Chinese brands seek Rio gold

2016-08-03 07:23

Even though Rio 2016 is 'Made in Brazil', the Olympic Games is going to definitely see a lot of 'Made in China'. From Olympics mascot, security check equipment and air-conditioning installations to sports equipment, Chinese brands are the main engine.

First ray of sunshine greets Rio ahead of Olympics

2016-08-02 16:00

Rio de Janeiro embraces its first ray of sunshine in August to greet the forthcoming Olympic Games.

Olympic Truce Wall unveiled in Olympic Village in Rio

2016-08-02 10:12

Children of Choir From United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) take a photo with a mascot in the Olympic Village, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Aug 1, 2016.

Chinese swimmers 'test the water' in Rio

2016-08-02 08:21

Chinese swimmers are seen during a training session in Rio de Janeiro's Olympic Aquatics Stadium in Brazil.

Security beefed up after Aussies robbed

2016-08-02 08:01

Security at the Olympic village has been tightened following the theft of a computer and team shirts from the Australian delegation during a fire evacuation, team officials said on Sunday.

Ma thirsting to toast more table tennis gold

2016-08-02 08:01

Ma Long has added a new twist to his Rio 2016 training regime as he tries to overcome anxiety: booze.

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