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Rio Olympic Village opens its gate

The brand new complex of residential towers are where nearly 11,000 athletes and some 6,000 coaches and other handlers will sleep, eat and train during the upcoming games, that will kickoff on Aug 5.

China pledges 'clean' Winter Olympics

2015-06-11 09:07

The Beijing team who are promoting the bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Lausanne have vowed to host a clean Games, in terms of fair play and air quality.

Beijing bid team puts strong case for 2022 Games

2015-06-09 20:23

Great prospects for winter sports were key points in Beijing's presentation at the 2022 Olympic Winter Games Candidate City Briefing in Switzerland.

IOC still concerned about Rio water pollution

2015-06-09 10:41

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) remains concerned about water pollution at the Rio 2016 Olympic sailing venue, the organization's president Thomas Bach said on Monday.

Bach expects more from candidate cities' presentations for 2022 Games

2015-06-09 10:37

The IOC president Thomas Bach said on Monday that he's expecting more for the coming presentations from Beijing and Almaty, the duo candidate cities for the 2022 Winter Games.

Six new events added to the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Program

2015-06-09 10:34

The PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (POCOG) has expressed respect for the decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding new event additions for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games Program.

IOC EB shortens list of Olympic program evaluation criteria for Tokyo 2020

2015-06-09 10:12

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) executive board has approved here on Monday the evaluation criteria for Tokyo 2020 while suggesting to add events to the Olympic program.

Backgounder: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics bid milestones

2015-06-09 09:31

The major events for the 2022 winter games bid.

Beijing ready to showcase crucial bidding presentation to IOC

2015-06-09 09:25

Capital will make its bidding presentation for the 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games before the final vote on July 31.

Olympic bid makes skating coach's job easier

2015-06-08 20:32

The mentor of China's Olympic champion speed skaters expects Beijing's bid for 2022 Winter Olympics to make her job easier by encouraging more children to don ice skates.

Beijing hopes to impress IOC with commitments at bidding presentation

2015-06-08 18:57

Sustainable development, economical Games and athletes-centered Games will be once again underlined in Beijing's presentation.

IOC to decide on new disciplines for Pyeongchang Winter Games

2015-06-08 10:04

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) will make decision on the new disciplines added for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games in Monday's executive board meeting.

Young athletes rise to the challenge

2015-05-29 07:49

China's young and relatively inexperienced winter sports squad competed at a respectable level with some emerging talents during the recently concluded 2014-15 winter season.

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