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  • Francis Gurry

    Francis Gurry is an Australian lawyer who has served as director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIOP) since October 1, 2008.
    He holds law degrees from the University of Melbourne, a Ph. D from the University of Cambridge and is an honorary professor of, and holds honorary doctorates from, universities in a wide range of countries.
    He is the author of a number of publications, one of which has become a standard legal text in the UK and is published by Oxford University Press as Gurry on Breach of Confidence.

  • Chen Hongbing

    Chen Hongbing was active in presenting WIPO in China, promoting bilateral cooperation and its global IP services. Thanks to the efforts by the WOC, use of PCT, Madrid and Hague systems of WIPO in China has been growing steadily.
    Chen has graduated from China Foreign Affairs University with a Bachelor’s degree in English language and a Master’s degree in international law. He is the author of a number of books and articles. He is also a member of Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the Internet Governance Forum for 2014 and 2015.

  • Zhang Zhicheng

    Zheng Zhicheng, doctor of Laws of Peking University, was born in Jieshou of Anhui province in 1971. He has been working in the former China Patent Office (now the National Intellectual Property Administration, PCR) since 1995 and currently is the Director General of IP Protection Department. He is also the National IP Leading Talent, one of the first experts of National Think Tank of IP Experts, and the standing director of China Intellectual Property Society.

  • Sacha Wunsch-Vincent

    He joined WIPO as Senior Economic in 2010 to help set up WIPO’s economics work under the Chief Economist, including the World Intellectual Property Report and the Global Innovation Index (GII). His primary research foci and current area of work are concerned with the interaction of innovation, intellectual property, and economic development.

  • Li Shulan

    Li Shulan, P.H.D in Law, Vice President of Shanghai No 3 Intermediate People’s Court and Shanghai Intellectual Property Court, Expert of National Intellectual Property Expert Tank, Researcher of Research Center of Supreme People’s Court for Judicial Protection of Intellectual Property. Li was awarded National Outstanding Female Judge and National Outstanding Judge.

  • KEE Kelvin

    He is responsible for IPOS’ engagement of foreign government agencies, business associations and enterprises. Kelvin is also the Chief Representative of IPOS’ China Representative Office. He represents Singapore in a number of multilateral IP meetings, including the APEC IPR Experts Group (IPEG) and the ASEAN Working Group on IP Cooperation (AWGIPC) meetings.

  • Yun Gukseop

    Yun Gukseop, Emory University, USA (M.A. of Law), is the Director for Intellectual Property Protection and Support Division at Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO).
    Prior to taking office, Yun was the IP Counselor for the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, Secretary of the Commissioner at KIPO, Administrative Patent Judge for Intellectual Property Trial and Appeal Board in Korea, Exexutive Officer at the Office of the President and the Office of Prime Minister, and Patent Exaniner at KIPO respectively. Yun also worked for Fish & Richardson LLC in the USA.

  • Wayne Parrish Sobon

    Wayne is senior expert on intellectual property and patent licensing and transaction with over 30 years of technology, business, and legal experience across a range of corporate and client settings, rendering a wide spectrum of professional services to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies on intellectual property, business and strategies. He is a member of the USPTO’s Patent Public Advisory Committee (PPAC), and the former President and Board Member of AIPLA.

  • Takeo Donoue

    Director-General for the Beijing Office, Chief Representative for North East Asia, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

  • Lei Xiaoyun

    Lei Xiaoyun holds a LL.M. of Peking University and is a member of the first batch of national IPR leading talents.
    She has engaged in macro management of IPR over a long period of time extensive experience in the field of intellectual property management practice and theoretical research at national and regional levels.

  • Xie Xuhui

    Boon advocated revolutionary IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) concepts in China, including IP-stakeholder, registration, protection and utilization of IPR as well as the commercialization, industrialization, financialization and popularization of IPR. He has found, and IP and entrepreneurial resource-sharing platform; launched big data and cloud product series such as IP Cloud and BI services – Cloud – based SaaS BI (Business Intelligence) solution for enterprises industrialization; established China’s first internet IP-financing platform – the Platform; created IP Valley International Co-working Space in China. All of these efforts have been made for the ultimate purpose: Empowering technology and innovative enterprises.

  • Michal Ziemski

    Michal Ziemski joined the WIPO as Senior Machine Learning Specialist in 2018 and is now involved in various AI projects to support WIPO’s IP Administration. He has a degree in Computer Science and in Management, and profound experience in Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation and terminology. His current focus at WIPO is Machine Translation and Deep Learning with Neural Networks. Michal has also been the author of the publication of the first official corpus of United Nations documents.

  • Kimberly Chotkowski

    Kimberly Chotkowski is LES’s First Woman CEO – a leader driving enhancement of the ROI for LES by evaluating industry trends and seeking Blue Ocean Strategies, aligning the LES mission to meet current markets while achieving the Societies traditional functions of education, networking, meetings and public policy.

  • Alwin Wong

    Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Member of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) International Strategy Committee, Co-Chairman of Austrasia Region

  • Richard Deng

    ENRICH is funded by the European Commission within Horizon 2020 and it aims to promote European Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) interests and to reinforce the EU-China cooperation in these particular areas. Richard’s responsibilities with the project include managing the projects from the China side, supporting European R&D organizations and companies, intervene in key deliverables and promote the ENRICH Centre among the Chinese stakeholders.

  • Andrej Heinke

    Heinke has been a technology management and technology strategy professor at Steinbeis University Berlin since 2016, the director of future research and technology strategy at Robert BOSCH Co Ltd since 2008 and is the author of theFuture Technology Report, BOSCH Group.

  • Zhu Ning

    Zhu Ning joined the National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC (CNIPA) in 2002 after he finished his postdoc research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhu has worked in the Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Centre of the Patent Office and successively served as vice director, director of the chemistry department and director of the material department. Later he was appointed as general examiner and deputy director general of Patent Examination Cooperation Hubei Centre and served temporary positions in the Chemistry Examination Department of CNIPA.

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