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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Objectivity falls prey to need for soundbite in US election

[2016-11-04 09:00]

The 2016 US presidential election will produce a winner and a loser on Nov 8. Tome, the losers will also include the US news media, which has lost its journalism objectivity in covering the race.

Anti-trade rhetoric in US a deep concern

[2016-10-29 08:59]

It is surprising to see the strong protectionism sentiment propagated by the two presidential candidates in the United States, a country that has long touted itself as the champion of free trade.

Abysmal global literacy of US college students

[2016-10-21 07:39]

The poor global literacy of college-aged students in the United States revealed in a recent survey provides a clue to why US politicians can publicly and falsely accuse China time and again.

US no better than China on women's rights

[2016-10-14 08:50]

US Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her supporters these days like to quote her words at the Fourth UN World Conference on Women in Beijing in 1995 when she said "women's rights are human rights".

Building healthy rhetoric in China-US ties

[2016-09-30 07:27]

Before the first US presidential debate on Monday, quite a few American experts on China were upset that the two candidates, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, had not talked much about the United States' broad policy toward China.

Snowden deserves not only pardon, but also the Nobel Peace Prize

[2016-09-23 08:49]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Barack Obama met at the Sunny-lands resort in California in June 2013, the US administration had spared little effort in portraying China as a villain in cyberspace.

Western journalists lose objectivity by focusing on trivialities

[2016-09-09 07:56]

Some Western media organizations' obsession with the staircase episode shows how they are easily distracted by minor events and thus fail to focus on the main issues.

China can help fix US crumbling infrastructure

[2016-09-01 13:22]

The US always touts how open its market is, but in infrastructure, it is blocking and wasting huge win-win opportunities with China.

US should rethink its foreign policy and show restraint

[2016-08-26 08:12]

When Barack Obama was first elected US president, many expected he would carry out a foreign policy that was less interventionist than his predecessor George W. Bush who ordered the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Century of humiliation still cuts deep into the collective psyche

[2016-08-19 08:52]

It may be hard for people to understand the reaction or overreaction of African-Americans if they haven't studied the history of slavery and racial discrimination in the United States.

Obama's fear-China strategy reveals his deceptive mind

[2016-08-12 09:04]

US presidential candidates may be forgiven for talking nonsense in a bid to win more votes, but President Barack Obama doing so is simply irresponsible.

Scrutinize US air strikes more closely

[2016-08-05 09:35]

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook issued a statement on Monday saying that on the request of the Libyan Government of National Accord, the US military conducted precision air strikes against Islamic State group targets in Sirte, Libya.

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