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Chen Weihua

Chen Weihua is the Chief Washington Correspondent of China Daily and Deputy Editor of China Daily USA. He has a particular focus on US politics and US-China relations.

Beijing could help fix US infrastructure

[2015-05-22 07:54]

Chinese investment could soon help the US fix its infrastructure problems, such as by building high-speed rails and repairing potholes in New York and Washington.

Growing strategic rivalry distracts from cooperation

[2015-05-15 07:54]

The two nations' growing obsession with their strategic rivalry has prevented them from realizing the full potential of their relationship.

Shanghai may set example for anti-graft drive

[2015-05-08 07:43]

To put power in cage as President Xi has called for, it is more important to ensure that there is no abuse of power.

Embed idealism in constructive realism of ties

[2015-04-24 07:49]

The question is whether such leaders will use their political capital to make right the most important bilateral relationship of the 21st century.

Rule of law covers drivers and smokers

[2015-04-17 07:50]

Establishing the rule of law is a grander effort than enforcing traffic rules and imposing smoking bans.

Shambaugh fails to defend his position

[2015-04-10 08:08]

Shambaugh, who claims to have spent a total of eight years in China, still misinterpreted the word "crossroads" in Chinese during his talk.

Abe should clarify his views on history

[2015-04-03 07:45]

Some US politicians, eager to use Japan to advance the rebalance to Asia strategy, should not be blind to the confusion created by Abe over historical facts.

US about-face on AIIB would be welcomed

[2015-03-27 07:36]

Despite Washington's earlier hostile attitude, Chinese officials have expressed in the past days that both China and the AIIB would welcome the US being a member.

Washington's paranoia has a clear purpose

[2015-03-20 08:17]

Hyping the "China threat" theory is nothing new in Washington, the center stage for US military complex lobbying.

Shambaugh China essay in shambles

[2015-03-13 10:37]

The new normal of China's economic growth is rational: China is determined to accept slower growth to move up the supply chain and achieve sustainable growth.

New York still in the past underground

[2015-03-07 09:33]

I became a bit desperate last week not just because I was unable to tell my friend I would be late, but also because I could sense the despair people must feel when they really need to make an emergency call.

Turning a blind eye to faults is not love

[2015-02-27 09:06]

People in the United States have been engaging in a debate of whether President Barack Obama loves America.

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