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Teacher sets a bad example by smoking in class

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-05-11 07:49

Teacher sets a bad example by smoking in class


A PHOTOGRAPH of a university lecturer smoking in class was posted online on Friday. commented on Tuesday:

We can see from the photo that the lecturer is holding a cigarette in her left hand. She should know that smoking in front of the students is improper behavior.

Smoking in the classroom not only harms her own health and the health of the students, it also sends the wrong message to the students.

Teachers can't be expected to quit smoking all of a sudden but that does not mean they can smoke in the classroom in front of the students.

Schools and universities should be cultural highlands and education represents hope for the future in which teachers play an essential role.

When people undertake the task of teaching, in addition to sharing their knowledge, they are setting an example for students through their words and deeds.

In fact, last November, the State Council Legislative Affairs Office released draft regulations that ban smoking in public places, including schools, and require public employees, including teachers, to take the lead in efforts to control tobacco use.

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