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Hong Kong a 'US overseas territory'? That's a joke

(China Daily) Updated: 2016-05-09 07:29

Hong Kong a 'US overseas territory'? That's a joke

A view of Hong Kong's Central business district. Edmond Tang / China Daily

Yet another example of political hallucination masquerading as intellectual expression has emerged in Hong Kong recently in the form of a suggestion that the special administrative region should become an overseas territory of the United States.

The term "overseas territory" may remind people of Puerto Rico, the latest addition to US territories supposedly by popular choice, which many local residents are already regretting.

In Hong Kong's case, however, even Washington knows pigs don't fly.

Given the number of think tanks and the intellectual freedom in the US it would have surprised no one if some of them had thought about Hong Kong being an overseas territory back in the 1980s, when Britain was negotiating with China over the future of the city.

Since Washington has never publicly acknowledged such a scenario was even considered, those in Hong Kong who like the sound of it should sincerely ask any US strategist or foreign relations expert why that was the case.

The "dreamers" in Hong Kong may find solace in the fact that the US government will always come out in support of their freedom of expression. But, whether they like it or not, they are better off not expecting any words from Uncle Sam that even remotely fuel their fantasy.

They should accept the reality that "US interests" outweigh other "values" when it comes to decision-making in Washington.

Some people may say "never say never" and "nothing is impossible." That might be why these Hong Kong "dreamers" keep deluding themselves, but the reality is they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

Do any of them seriously believe they can go beyond merely talking about it?

If the answer is yes, they should have asked Washington to "like" and "share" this "dream" of theirs first, in which case it would have immediately become clear such a dream is simply pie in the sky.

But then even most Hong Kong residents don't share this dream.

And all that aside, it is ultimately up to the Chinese nation to decide whether such a "Hong Kong dream" will come true or not.

And we all know the answer-No!

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