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Breastfeeding on bus should be worry free

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-10-28 08:00

Breastfeeding on bus should be worry free

A woman and her son use a special breast-feeding seat on a bus in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan province. The city is testing the seats on the No 906 bus and plans to expand the program if the service is well-received. [Photo/China Daily]

An unidentified new mother was insulted by the other passengers on a bus for breastfeeding her child to stop her crying. Comments:

Any verbal abuse against the mother only exposes the abuser's indifference and lack of manners. But a healthy and mature society should provide public facilities where women can breastfeed their babies., Oct 27

To avoid the occurrence of similar incidents, not only should new mothers take along apparel that prevents exposure in public, but local governments at all levels should invest in public breastfeeding facilities. Apart from breastfeeding rooms in public places such as bus stations, private breastfeeding areas on buses could also respect and meet the need of mothers and babies and save them from undue embarrassment and criticism.

Lanzhou Morning Post, Oct 27

Given the lack of public facilities, the young mother should not have been abused in this way. Breastfeeding in public, though controversial, cannot be completely avoided. Governments should build more breastfeeding rooms in public places, while mothers should take into consideration others' feelings and breastfeed their babies as unobtrusively as possible., Oct 27

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