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Police have a limit on use of force

(China Daily) Updated: 2015-04-27 07:59

A video has been widely spread online showing a traffic policeman hitting a young woman holding a baby in the face. The incident was said to have happened in Qingyuan, Guangdong province. Local police responded that the video has been edited before being uploaded, and the woman attacked the policeman first knocking his glasses off. Comments:

Policemen may of course defend themselves when attacked, but the law says their self-defense actions should be within limits. The complete video shows the policeman slapped the woman twice across her face before getting her under control. These two slaps were unnecessary, although the policeman was slapped in the face by the woman first; that's why the local police apologized.

Perhaps some will doubt why we have such strict restrictions. But the strict restrictions are a kind of protection to policemen, too, because their job is to control suspects with as little force as possible. Imagine the policeman faces a dangerous criminal - he might get wounded in a struggle and the only way to prevent any tragedy is to raise standards and push for better training.

Beijing Youth Daily, April 26

The policeman was performing his legal duty by checking the woman, who was riding a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. And he was right to put her under control when she became violent. However, by hitting her in the face he violated the regulations and exceeded the power the law allows him. Both parties should be held responsible for their illegal actions. That's the rule of law.

Beijing News, April 26

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