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Would you quit your job to travel the world?

( Updated: 2015-04-23 08:06

Editor's note: A resignation letter by a Henan province middle school teacher who wrote, "the world is so big that I want to have a look", has fueled online debate. Have you ever quit your job to travel? You're welcome to leave your comments.

Christine (China)

I must confess I love to travel a lot, but it's going to be insane if I quit my job just to travel. When I am back from having fun I am afraid there will be no work to do. Still, it's a difficult decision and each one of us has to weigh it.

Would you quit your job to travel the world?

A Frenchman has travelled over 100,000 miles around the world - by hitching a lift. From trekking in 50C heat through the deserts of Sudan to braving temperatures of -20C while thumbing a lift in Kazakhstan, Jeremy Marie has visited over 71 countries in the last five years.[Photo/IC]

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