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Obama opens historic door

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-12-19 07:28

US businesses to reach Cuba

For 23 consecutive years, the UN General Assembly has adopted resolutions calling for an end to the US economic, commercial and financial embargo on Cuba. While the deal announced today does not mention changes to the embargo, Barack Obama has reportedly expressed willingness to discuss lifting the sanctions., Dec 17

Statistics show that Internet usage remains low in Cuba. Should the US lift its sanctions, smartphone and tablet companies, together with various software producers will rush into the market; telecommunications and Internet service providers will also come as well. Having been absent from the Information Age for 50 years, Cuba will be able to now catch up., Dec 18

Investors, companies and many US states that have long looked to do business are hopeful about the changes. Many state lawmakers and congressional representatives have visited the island in recent years, notably those from the Midwest looking to strike commodity deals. Cuba last year said the consequences of the embargo had amounted to $1.1 trillion in losses for the island; estimates of the impact on the US are from $1.2 billion to $3.6 billion., Dec 18

Normalizing relations with Cuba is the biggest diplomatic policy move taken by the US after establishing diplomatic relations with China in 1979; the former reminds us of the latter yet it is less disputable. The move shows the US is adopting practical diplomacy.

Taiwan Central News Agency, Dec 18

It is undoubtedly the right step. Indeed, it is long overdue. Now Congress should follow suit and scrap the counterproductive economic embargo, which, rather than bringing down the Castro regime, has made the US the outsider in an international community that has accepted Cuba. ... Obama is doing the right thing in making history, rather than letting himself be held captive to it.

Los Angeles Times, Dec 17

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