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Students need critical thinking

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-11-27 07:50

I remember the writing classes in primary school. My teacher was a very nice lady, who told me that the most important thing was to choose a meaningful topic. Then she showed me how to write a composition - how to begin a piece, how to develop it and how to reach a logical ending.

Once the topic and framework are ready, it becomes easy to write a good composition.

Gradually, I mastered the so-called writing skills and was able to draft a good composition getting good points in examinations.

But later, I found there were many "correct" ways of writing a composition on any subject.

Looking back, I can say that sticking to a given set of rules is probably why many so-called good students like me ended up as people lacking creativity. My way of thinking has been trapped in an invisible framework because I've always tried to choose a "fast and correct" way of doing things to complete my education.

JUDY ZHU, from China Daily blog

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