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Put FTAAP on the fast track

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-11-20 08:19

Comment on "APEC agrees to work on FTAAP" (China Daily, Nov 12)

China should put the Free Trade Area of the Asia Pacific on the fast track and get it signed by leaders of the relevant countries without delay. Much of the progress in such deals is hindered by countries that fail to compromise and by legislations, and these could obstruct the signing of the deal by the United States during Barack Obama's presidency.

The US presidential election is just two years away, and with Republicans and Democrats both gearing up for campaign, the negotiations could be further delayed.

It seems the FTAAP will not become a reality in the next two years, because for a US president, trade pacts are important but winning the election is even more important. Plus, with anti-FTAAP Republicans dominating Congress, Obama will find it very difficult to get the pact passed.

A READER, from China Daily website

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