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US should stop backing Japan

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-09-01 08:17

Comment on "Kerry bids to boost ties with Beijing" (China Daily, Aug 15)

China has been trying to safeguard peace in Asia whereas Japan poses a threat to Asia security. The first thing US Secretary of State John Kerry should do is to ask Japan to stop adding insult to the injury of the victims of the imperial Japanese army's atrocities - which means Japanese leaders should stop visiting Yasukuni Shrine that honors the World War II butchers and rapists, including 14 Class-A war criminals.

Why hasn't the United States condemned Japan's violation of all codes of conduct by honoring the mass murderers of World War II?

It's time the US stopped pointing the finger at the victims of Japanese re-aggression - as seen in China's Diaoyu Islands' case - and desisted from supporting Japan's thievery.

The US has exposed itself as an unbalanced power by supporting Japan's claim over the Diaoyu Islands. But it doesn't seem to care, because it is a past master at the cat-and-mouse game, which it is trying to play with China.

How can Beijing have faith in Washington's sincerity and goodwill if the US doesn't change its old ways and stop backing Japan?

WHOISFRIEND, from China Daily website

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