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Japan must accept its war crimes

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-08-05 09:02

The United Nations Human Rights Council has re-initiated discussions on the euphemistically termed "comfort women". The UN human rights body has put pressure on Japan to admit its wartime atrocities, including forcing women to work for the imperial Japanese army as "sex slaves" during World War II.

Japan, as usual, has rejected the UN panel's appeal saying there is no explicit evidence to incriminate the Japanese army, but people are not convinced with any of Japan's excuses.

To effectively counter Japan's stance, South Korea and China should establish better coordination to furnish strong evidence. Apart from being two of the worst victims of Japanese atrocities, including "comfort women", before and during World War II, China and South Korea have enough political and economic capital to influence international public opinion by presenting solid facts against Japan.

Once the two neighbors do this, backed by historical evidence and authoritative opinions by eminent scholars worldwide, Japan will have to accept its war crimes. The newly upgraded partnership between China and South Korea should guide them to present the long-awaited, well-documented evidence to deliver justice to the victims and their relatives.

SIYOUNG CHOI, via e-mail

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