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The two sides of being a WeChataholic

By RitaY ( Updated: 2014-08-03 21:26

WeChat has been gaining popularity among people and almost everyone has an application installed on their mobile phone. It can be seen everywhere with people staring at their phones while texting, speaking and broadcasting. Statistics show that as of last year WeChat had 300 million users with 70 million overseas. Compared with other social apps in China, WeChat has developed and expanded at an amazing speed to strengthen its position in the market and dominate people’s lives.

Why is WeChat so popular? What unique competitive advantages does it possess? There are four points making it stand out. First, WeChat supports installation in multiple systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian and Blackberry. Second, it operates in a great deal of languages so that people abroad can also have access. Third, WeChat has constantly-updated functions, providing services to as many users as possible who can text and speak with friends, receive messages, play games, order services or make new friends anytime and anywhere. Finally, these functions are free, with Internet costs saved in WiFi environment.

Because of its convenience, a relationship network is established, consolidated and expanded in WeChat, while privacy is better protected. In the current information age there are a large number of people becoming WeChataholics. While enjoying great benefits from these social networks, we must be aware of our health and not engage in establishing a virtual network while neglecting people around us. Most importantly, avoid overusing it to influence normal work and life.

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