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How do you deal with an elderly queue-jumper?

By wpywood ( Updated: 2014-07-29 17:38

On July 27, 2014, Hangzhou was affected by Typhoon Matmo, it was raining dogs and cats outside. When I walked out of Zhejiang library at 6 pm, water had risen to knee-level in some places. The bad weather made everything hard. When I finally got to the nearby bus station, my trousers were waterlogged. Heavy weather, a long queuing line, and slow traffic contributed to anxiety and impatience. So when the bus finally departed in and its front gate just faced me, I could see a long procession quickly gathering behind me. No sooner had we settled our position in the line, when the front gate opened.

It was at that moment a bald elderly man of average size in a white T-shirt, dashing all the way and humming a faint strange tone, straightly squeezed in the gate against my flank. To me such undisciplined action happening in China is “reasonable but unexpected,” however my reaction.

But it was commented on by the angry couple obeying the rules and waiting behind me. While the girl annoyingly complained, “such old men always behave like this”, her boyfriend expressed his strong dissatisfaction with action: he stretched his leg and the elderly queue-jumper stumbled.  

What made me even more speechless was the elderly queue-jumper paid no attention to others’ annoyance and just continued to shoulder his way into the back of the bus, hunting for a potential seat.

What greatly disappoints me is in every bus there is the “courtesy seat” reserved for old people, including those who obey this rule when it’s favorable but maltreat others when it’s not. Some said childhood is about right and wrong; adulthood is about advantages and disadvantages. Now some experienced senior citizens in our community just play it to the full in their daily life.

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