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To my dear social networks "ghosts"

By 财神 ( Updated: 2014-07-28 18:22

You may scared of ghost, but as for me they are seldom kind and lovely, familiar with behavior to whom I can laid on my chest without any hesitation. 

Some of them are the haunt of my pain, some tried to doom my beliefs, some surf whole my life account and disappeared forever. Some ghosts are admittedly faded their self. These ghosts emanated some memorable phenomena in my life.

I can chat with them time to time, some of them responds, some are keep silence for so long. 

Ghosts are convertible in portrait and identity status, so I usually get confused. Sometimes they change their names in Chinese, Spanish, English and some extra-ordinary pictorials too with long sentences and sometime abnormal words. They distinguish themselves as a specter, phantom, spirit, wraith, spook, demons and devils.

Ghosts has lots of forms, it may reveals as extremist, terrorist, fanatic, radical, insurgent.

It can discloses as fierce wild animal which might be ferocious and savage, untamed or in indigenous form too.

Structure of ghost is sometimes like mentally tired such psychotic or lunatic. Its unbalanced activities make me curious that can convert me to cracked or disturbed.

Ghosts expose them as heartless euphoric and overjoyed. Making me fool he might enjoy and jumps over the moon. He is a amphibian, an animal or insect even sometimes tamed, too.

Just need to check my social networks and chat messengers, lots of ghosts have designed as philosophers or thinkers. Sometimes, their photos shoot in the graveyard or cemetery. Who won't be scared?

If I check out one by one, they are coming to chat box with landscapes, as cartoon, as calligraphy, as statue, sculptures, celebrity, VIP, superstar etc. How many gestures it can changes?

I am exhausted by facing their distinguished dramatic role as sprinter, flower, solid, liquid, fantasy, puppy, puppet, cat, tiger, dark and light, black and white, joker and artist.

In this way, many ghosts are scaring me in Wechat, QQ, chat messengers everywhere in such social networks.

I always need to be mindful while chatting with them. I can forget identity and pinch them with ignoring, less respecting and undermining. I tried to be accustomed with all of them. One condition I can remember them is that they should not change their imaginary portrait time to time. So its my humble request, please don't dare me to fight with your chameleon fearful avatar.

As their thought, if they install original avatar, that means arrogance. It shows self-importance, a kind of egotism. How is it? Some said, the photos can be misused. They don’t want to let others to see. So this trend made me scaring and scaring on chat tools. Please, ghosts! Try to ponder of my weak heart. 

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