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Poor children the priority

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-07-28 08:59

A program initiated and funded by the Guangdong provincial government and designed for rich children opened its fifth session recently. Provincial leaders have said the program helps these children, often spoiled by their parents, to acquire a clearer vision of their future. But the local government seems to have forgotten that its top priority is to help the disadvantaged, says an article in China Youth Daily. Excerpts:

Children from affluent families in China are called "the second generation of the nouveau riche". Their parents were the first nouveau riche generation, thanks to the reform and opening-up that have galvanized China's economic rise. There are many media reports on how these spoiled and reckless youths get away with serious offenses, squander money and walk away after hitting or running over pedestrians in their posh sports cars.

But many children from wealthy families have exhibited their inclination to lead a meaningful life. Some have inherited family businesses at a very young age because they have been groomed to do so, while others are trying to establish their own businesses with start-up money from their parents. Therefore, there is no need for local governments to spend public money to help them realize their potential.

In stark contrast, it is a luxury for the about 60 million "left-behind" children in rural areas to have their parents around, let alone have access to quality education or opportunities to broaden their horizon that their rich peers take for granted.

"Left-behind" children develop serious psychological problems. Recently, media reports said that a boy who had just come to live with his parents in a city killed his younger brother because he was bitterly jealous of his sibling who seemed to get all their parents' love. Such children deserve more attention from local governments.

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