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Is 'helicopter' parenting good for children?

Updated: 2014-07-11 07:45 (

Editor's note: The term "helicopter parent" refers to moms and dads who are overly involved in their children's lives, and is that such a bad thing? Our readers from around the world share their views. Comments welcome.


To love so much that you hurt the child is not really love. Selfless love means doing what is best for your child not matter your own ideas. That means giving freedom and space and independence to children when they need it. It means letting the child get up by itself so he or she can be stronger. It means letting them solve their own disputes with other children so they can be better negotiators as adults. It means letting a child make their own choices so they make mistakes and learn from them. It is one thing to be closely involved in your child's life - and it's another thing to control their life. The latter is a terrible thing for the child.

Is 'helicopter' parenting good for children?

Is 'helicopter' parenting good for children? Is 'helicopter' parenting good for children? Is 'helicopter' parenting good for children?
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