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My traditional Chinese medicine treatments experiences

By Celandine0910 ( Updated: 2014-06-20 14:33

Traditional Chinese medicine treatments are well known home and abroad. Their main advantage is that they do not have many side effects, but they also have some shortcomings like the possibility of being less effective.

When I was studying in the Netherlands, I once felt much pain in my neck and back and had to ask the doctor about it. After many questions and some checks, she said she thought I stayed too long with the computer each day, and her prescription was that I should go to see a physiotherapist every week. I followed her prescriptions and went to a physiotherapy center.

The physiotherapist was nice and he asked me to lay face downwards on the therapeutic bed. Then he was doing some very professional massages on my neck and back. What I realized was that it was actually quite similar to Tui-Na in traditional Chinese medicine treatments. Apparently he did very good work and after several months I recovered from the terrible aches.

Another time when I had a hearty dinner with my Jewish landlord, coincidentally one of her Dutch guests was working on traditional Chinese medicine treatments. I knew the treatments had been introduced to the Netherlands a long time ago and still shared some markets in the country.

Despite its relatively slow development, traditional Chinese medicine treatments are believed to be excellent for nourishing QI and blood, relieving pain and dredging the channels. Nowadays they are considered as the medical arts of China.

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