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Gun-toting policy a double-edged sword

By Xin Zhiming ( Updated: 2014-06-04 13:46

Proper management of the police forces using guns, therefore, must be ensured.

First, the policemen carrying guns must undergo strict and proven training courses, including psychological courses, to become more prepared for a situation in which the use of guns is necessary. Such professional training will help the police officers become more conscious of how to avoid the misuse of guns.

Currently the guns in use generally have three safety measures built in to ensure that they do not fire accidentally, according to media reports citing weapons experts. But the misfiring incident in the kindergarten in Zhengzhou indicates that they may not be safe enough if the police are unprofessional.

Detailed regulations and laws should also accompany the new policy on gun use. In which situations police should use guns and how they should be punished if they misuse their guns should be clearly fixed in the law to help avoid abuse of power by the police.

Meanwhile, the law should also stipulate that independent institutions be invited make assessments when controversial gun use incidents happen. In some previous cases where an officer fired to kill or injure alleged criminals, and despite the local public security departments explaining to the public that the firing was necessary, many people still doubted the necessity of it. An assessment report by independent institutions on the incidents would be more persuasive than official statements.


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