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High time to drop double standards on terrorism

By Zhu Ping ( Updated: 2014-05-22 15:21

In the attack in Kashgar’s Bachu county in April last year, the rioters killed 15 community workers and police officers, among whom were 10 Uygurs and two Mongolians.

The terrorists tried to implant the seeds of hatred among different ethnic groups. The small number of terrorists’ violent attacks has already tarnished the image of the whole ethnic group. It can’t be denied that every time after such a terrorist attack, the Uygurs who live in inland provinces will feel insecure and isolated. But it is exactly the small number of terrorists that framed their own ethnic group.

By launching the series of attacks, the terrorists wanted to hinder regional development, which is totally against the well being of people of all ethnic groups inhabiting in the region.

It was a positive sign that US-led Western governments condemned the Kunming stabbing as terrorist attack. But many Western media outlets haven’t adjusted themselves to the new trend.

In fact, even according to the West’s definition on terrorism, “the calculated use of violence (or threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature”, the series of terrorist attacks in China fall into this category.

Repeatedly troubled by the West’s double standards, China showed its sincere willingness on anti-terrorism cooperation. Immediately after the Boston bombing in April last year, China denounced the attack and advocated for further international anti-terror cooperation.

Had the Chinese thought in the same way as the Western media did, Chinese media should have put the blame for the Boston bombing attack on the US government’s failure to include the poor people of Islam into the US society, and as revenge by oppressed Muslims' against a Christian-dominated country. But Chinese media didn’t.

The just-concluded CICA summit declared the Asian countries’ joint determination to fight against terrorism. And more countries should join in.

It’s high time for the West to drop the double standards on terrorism, which will truly pave way for an international anti-terror war that will not only protect Chinese, but people across the world.

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