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Mothers of the world united by love

By Kim Lee ( Updated: 2014-05-09 16:41

Regardless of how well culture clash sells, I will continue being a humanist rather than a nationalist. I believe that as human beings, our similarities are far greater than our differences. Even if I were a nationalist, the nation of “West”, where everyone thinks and behaves in one way, and that way is totally different from China in every way…well, I’ve discovered that place doesn’t really exist, except for in the political opinion section. One tremendously rewarding aspect of my life has been the experience of getting to know and make friends with mothers from all over the world. These friendships have taught me to see beyond stereotypes and realize that the Iranian mother pushing a stroller with hijab flowing behind her, the Brazilian mother strolling along the beach in a bikini, and the Swedish mother who left her baby napping in a stroller actually have so very much in common. The same can be said for Chinese mothers who set the table with chopsticks and their American counterparts who do the same, only with knives and forks…we are more alike than different. Arbitrary lines on maps and globes may dictate our daily habits, but they do not delineate our maternal feelings.

We all love our children. We all want them to grow up to be happy and healthy. When they hurt, we hurt, when they smile, their smiles light up our hearts. We all struggle with the conflict that arises from our need to hold them close and protect them from harm and our desire to see them go out and make their own way in the world.

As mothers, we have all shared the experience of bringing a new life into this world. This experience is something that should be honored and celebrated, not just on Mother’s Day, but on every single day of the year, for every year of our lives…in every country! So, today I am not going to wish anyone a Happy Mother’s Day, instead I wish all the mothers, along every meridian, a Happy Mother’s Life!

Kim Lee is a writer and teacher specializing in family education. She lives in Beijing with her three daughters.


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