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Made in China - cheap and inferior?

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Editor's note: Products that are "Made in China," and labelled as such, are sold in all corners of the world. Many of the items used most often in daily life are from China. Despite their usefulness, Chinese-made goods are sometimes seen as cheap and of inferior quality. Our forum readers share their experience of purchasing goods labeled "Made in China". Please join the discussion and share your thoughts on China's products.

taikor (Malaysia)

I have no confidence in Chinese-made products. I know Lenovo. I know Huawei. And I know about China's space industry. All very good. But that's about it. I 'may' try some machines made in China. But I will not buy anything for consuming from that country. Foods and medicines should be avoided. Just for safety. I've had enough of news telling consumers they found this, they found that in Chinese medicines or foods. China is so huge. It probably needs more time to root out unscrupulous business practices.

Made in China - cheap and inferior?

Made in China - cheap and inferior? Made in China - cheap and inferior? Made in China - cheap and inferior?
You know you are in China when… China makes me different Nohouse,nomarriage?

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