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President Xi, a man of the people

( Updated: 2013-12-31 14:05

Chinese President Xi Jinping dropped in Saturday at the Qing Feng dumpling shop, a traditional Beijing restaurant chain, where he queued up, ordered and paid for a simple lunch of six pork buns, fried liver and green vegetables that cost him 21 yuan ($3.46). Xi’s unexpected visit without his security entourage has sparked heated discussions after his photos and videos taken by the diners went viral online. Here are some readers' comments.

Charlie (UK)

I think it is a good thing for a leader to mingle and show his people that he is human. I applaud him for doing this, which makes him an example to others not to act like they are better, more privileged but not any better. Somebody is thinking out of the box, and I think it is good. Good Job, Mr Xi. I wish some of our leaders would do the same, they then might have a clue what's going on on Main Street.

Mohsen (US)

Mr. President, you are loved and respected by your people and all fair-minded people of the world. Keep up the great work. I lived in Beijing for a few years and have traveled China far and wide. I can confirm the real love and respect people have for President Xi and his wife. He is the people’s president, all Chinese people.

Andy (Australia)

Wonderful!Good to see Chinese President Xi,who used to serve in the village, often go to be among the people, work for the people,and push new reform for the people. Best wishes.

David (US)

I do not think President Xi is meeting with people to talk politics, or try to be something that resembles a Western politician. Real people go to places where the food is reasonably priced, and they go there to eat. It would seem it was not a staged event, and no stupid speeches were made, and no promises were made to garner political support.

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