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Don't force others to drink

(China Daily) Updated: 2013-01-17 08:14

A court has ordered a 69-year-old woman in Kai county, Chongqing, to pay a fine of 330,000 yuan ($53,000) to her brother, who fell down and injured himself after being coaxed by her into drinking about 600-ml of homemade liquor at her birthday party. The fine should be a warning to people who are in the habit of forcing others to drink beyond their capacity, says an article in Legal Daily. Excerpts:

The trend of forcing people to drink is almost like moral kidnapping and some people have taken the practice to absurd lengths by making their targets feel ashamed for not being able to drink beyond their capacity.

People who are used to forcing others to drink might defend themselves by saying alcohol can bring people closer and help develop good relations. But alcohol is not the only tie that binds human beings. On the contrary, it can harm a friendship.

Alcohol-related cases have increased in recent years, the most common being injury or death caused by over-drinking. People who force others to drink against their will should shoulder the responsibility for any accident that follows and be made to pay damages.

Alcohol in itself is not a bad thing. But people have to follow certain principles while drinking. For example, they should never force others to drink. And if someone gets drunk, they should arrange for him /her to be sent home or, if necessary, to a hospital.

With Spring Festival approaching, the presiding judge in the Chongqing case gave a friendly reminder to people to control their alcohol intake and be prepared to pay damages for the deaths or injuries they cause be coaxing and coercing others to drink. In fact, the advice should be followed throughout the year.

(China Daily 01/17/2013 page9)

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