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Love is the most vital thing in life

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-12-20 08:06

Comment on "The end of the world has been postponed" (China Daily, Dec 10)

I liked the article, and I think most common people don't believe in doomsday. It is at best an interesting topic of casual conversation, and people talk about it only for fun.

But what the author has asked in the article is of great importance: What will you do today if it is the end of the world? The question reminds us of the most important things of life that we always ignore because of work or family pressure. Like the author said, if doomsday really comes, most people will choose to be with their families and say goodbye to their friends.

Love is the most important thing in our life. Even if there's no such thing as the end of the world, we should value our families and friends, and spend more time with them.

Charles, via e-mail

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(China Daily 12/20/2012 page9)

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