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China is still in an experimental phase

By biztru ( Updated: 2012-11-05 14:54

Comment on the topic: "What do you think of ‘China model’?"

There cannot be a "China Model" until its territorial integrity is settled, and after this is achieved it is the natural recognition from the entire world. Hence during this period China is still in an experimental phase.

A country's model is not dictated by one or two prominent factors such as the economy, which as often touted by China. It encompasses a wider perspective, for example, a country's ability to participate meaningfully, coordinate and even provide friendly advice that is accepted in regional economics, politics, security and social management. It is about the strength on its own and on a collective basis. The same applies at the international level.

Today's system is largely shaped by the West - the social order, corporate culture and even social attitude. How China with its long history can blend its culture, the good part, into China's system today remains to be seen. Simply said, from the architecture angle - the design of the building to the design of its interior to the shaping of its management philosophy to the structure of its physical corporate and corporate identity, how much of it is influenced by China's culture that enables it to outperform the Western system?

There is no need to continue to harp on the "China Model". If it is there it is there, if it is not it is not. If there is a conscious effort to push oneself to the forefront, the acknowledgment will come naturally if successful. Who in this world doesn't want to learn from a leader? Leadership is a result of a natural process. China cannot keep telling the world that China is there when the whole world does not recognize it. This cannot be forced upon the world and if China doesn't understand this, China is nowhere near a model of its own. At this point in time there is no "China Model" yet.

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