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Rational patriotism makes China stronger

( Updated: 2012-09-18 19:34

Japan's "purchasing" of China's Diaoyu Islands is not only a brazen affront to international conventions, but also ruins Sino-Japan relations.

The Chinese government has taken a series of countermeasures in response to the provocations from Japan over the issue. These actions, which show evident restraint and rationality, won support and respect at home and abroad, and dealt a heavy blow to Japan's illegal attempts to control China's Diaoyu Islands.

Many Chinese people took to the streets these days around the world to demonstrate their anger against Japan's shameless actions. It was rightful and necessary for common people to rationally show their patriotism and resolution to protect their nation's territory.

More importantly, each citizen found a way to contribute to China's stability and development, which is the best way to fight back against all the offences to our country in the long run.

Today is the 81st anniversary of the Sept 18 Incident, which marked Japan's invasion of the Chinese mainland in 1931.

Looking back into history, we should try our best to avoid repeating the humiliating past by making China stronger.

The prosperity and stability of a country is the most powerful foundation to defend its national interests and sovereignty. Each patriot should do his or her best to achieve this.

Translated by Li Yang from People's Daily

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