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Construction finishes on Mozambique's municipal road project

Updated: 2021-01-04

The Lichinga municipal road project's completion ceremony was recently held in Lichinga, capital city of Niassa province in Mozambique. The road development plan was undertaken by Sinohydro Bureau 11 Co, a subsidiary of POWERCHINA.

At the ceremony, Cecilia Sandra Jeronimo Francisco Chamutota, deputy minister of Public Works and Water Resources of Mozambique, expressed her gratitude to the POWERCHINA project team for sticking to their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring that the project was completed on time.

Construction finishes on Mozambique's municipal road project

Construction finishes on the Lichinga municipal road project in Lichinga, capital city of Niassa province in Mozambique. [Photo/POWERCHINA]

The rainy season is long in Lichinga and sees heavy precipitation, which can greatly hinder citizens' travel. The project's completion has significantly improved travel conditions and laid a good foundation for further promoting local economic development, she added.

With a total length of 15.32 kilometers, the project was divided into five parts: the widening and upgrading of the main roads in Lichinga city, the construction of four urban auxiliary roads, and the construction of drainage structures such as box culverts and ancillary facilities.

During the construction process, the project overcame traffic control challenges, large undulations, poor design and difficulties in transferring equipment and materials.

The construction employees worked together and performed their duties to ensure the road project's quality while also taking appropriate epidemic prevention and control measures, establishing a positive image of the company in Mozambique.

Major media outlets in Mozambique paid attention to the venture and pointed out that it was a crucial project for constructing and upgrading Lichinga's road system. In addition to widening the main road, the project also connected churches, squares, universities and public places, offering more travel choices.