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National studies on hydropower and wind power projects

Updated: 2013-06-27

The National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration entrusted POWERCHINA to do key research on mid-to-long-term hydropower and wind power development, e.g. the "Mid-to-long-term, 2030 - 2050, strategic planning for hydropower”, “Strategic planning and studies on transmission of electricity from western to eastern regions and pumped storage projects".

POWERCHINA also completed planning on 10,000-MW and 1,000-MW wind power projects, unique to China and planning for the first two offshore 10,000-MW wind power sites. It provides strong technological support for changes in the energy structure and development of hydropower and wind power resources in China.

In the area of environmental protection, POWERCHINA has done key national research, such as "Studies on ecological protection technology and standards and specifications for critical hydropower and water management" and "Ecological risk evaluation and risk removal in developing hydropower bases". The company has contributed a great deal to striking a balance between hydropower and environment protection.

In the area of resettlement, it has done research on key problems in resettlement methods and compensation policies for land and resettlement needed for hydropower projects in Tibet. It developed technical standards for land claims and resettlement in these projects, while helping with technological progress and standardization in the resettlement of local people.

In certain specialized areas, such as surveys, hydraulic engineering, and construction, POWERCHINA has worked with "Risk identification and risk design for reservoir projects", "Studies on seismic activities and influence in the utilization of hydropower resources along the middle and lower reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River and neighboring areas", and "Studies on the foundation of a 300-meter-high concrete arch dam", all of which provide important technological support for hydropower development and safe operations.

In new energy power generation sector, POWERCHINA has done some key research on offshore wind resources, sea conditions, and geological survey measuring techniques and technological research on offshore wind farms.