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Fujian woos young Taiwanese

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2015-06-12

Young people from Taiwan are encouraged to work and live in Fujian province, according to a recent guideline issued by the Fujian government.

To attract more professionals aged 18 to 40, Fujian plans to roll out services such as financial subsidies, office space, vocational training and housing guarantees, the guideline says.

The document states that Fujian will support Taiwan people who set up enterprises and joint ventures in cultural creativity, e-commerce, agricultural development and high technology.

Authorities will put together information for young Taiwanese entrepreneurs and job seekers. There will be agencies based in all big cities providing career startup instructions, law consultation, loan and financing application, business registration and other services.

Taiwanese entrepreneurs can apply for small loans of up to 100,000 yuan for startups while enjoying up to three years’ interest discount (100% for the first year, 80% and 50% for second and third year). In addition, guarantee companies can get 1 to 1.6 percent equivalent of the sum insured as risk compensation.

Qualified startups will get financial subsidies ranging from 50,000 to 150,000 yuan, and if recognized by authorities as key provincial projects or show good performance, they will be rewarded 500,000 yuan or 200,000 yuan, respectively. Entrepreneur pioneers taking part in startup trainings can get subsidies of up to 50,000 yuan.

Furthermore, local authorities will provide Taiwan entrepreneurs with free office space or issue rent subsidies based on the investment scale and operating situations.

Young Taiwanese professional are also subject to a number of preferential housing policies. For example, they can get a housing allowance from 500 to 2,000 yuan every month valid for up to three years. The loan limit is double for Taiwanese home buyers in Fujian. And if they are recognized as elite workers and entrepreneurs they will get housing subsidies ranging from 40,000 to one million yuan.

Children of Taiwan people working in Fujian will enjoy same social benefits as local residents.

Interns from Taiwan can apply for subsidies ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 yuan valid for up to six months.