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Pingnan hosts square dancing competition

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2014-06-06

More than 300 residents recently took part in a square dancing competition, hosted by Changqiao’s county government.

Pingnan hosts square dancing competition

A dancing group composed of local young ladies takes part in a square dancing competition in Pingnan county. [Photo by Pingnan county government]

Apart from the contestants, many from the audience took photos of the wonderful dancing.

The contest is initiated and organized by the Wananqiao Square Dancing Association. Bao Jindan, its president, graduated from Qilu Music College in 2011 and began operating her own company several years ago in Pingnan.

She is very interested in dancing and has even received some professional training. She enjoys teaching locals how to dance for free in her spare time.

Thanks to the efforts of the association, square dance has been quite popular among locals and is a practical way to help them keep fit.

Edited by Wang Yifei and Brian Anthony Salter