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Pingnan introduces free meals in rural schools

( www.chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2012-09-24

When Wu Yirong, head of Pingnan county, visited Tangkou School, he found the students were small and malnourished. To combat the problem, he decided to create a pilot free food project for boarders at the school. The program is funded by the government and provides nutritious breakfasts. Each breakfast costs 2.5 yuan and consists of an egg, two buns, a cup of soybean milk or bread and milk. Lunch and supper includes one meat dish, one vegetable dish and one soup and costs 7 yuan per person each day.

Canteen workers also were given stable salaries. The school set up an office specializing in material procurement and made contracts with supermarkets for a steady supply of meat and vegetables.

The free feeding project will be expanded to 19 primary and secondary schools and more than 2,000 boarders in rural areas this autumn.

Edited by Lin Hong, Zhao Lu and Michael Thai