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Perfect AA Cream


Perfect AA Cream moisturizes the skin and shields on from the sunshine.

Various Tea Pure Original Fluid


It moisturizes the face with the essence of tea.

Green Tea Frozen Dry Powder


It has the functions of anti-radiation, eliminating human aging.

Wild Tea Pure Golden Eye Cream


The tannic acid contained uniquely in the wild tea has an effect on shrinking the skin of the eye, strengthening the sebum film and tightening the eye.

Aescin Tea


After use of the product, sleeping quality will be noticeably improved, flatulence will decrease and constipation will be eased as well as bronchitis, hepatitis, diabetes, migraines and gout.

Bagged Rose Steeped Tea


It can effectively dredge the meridian, make circulation flow freely, quickly disperse liver depression, clear away heat and toxic material, clear stomach toxins, reduce phlegm, soften and resolve hard masses, control lobular hyperplasia and prevent lumps.

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