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Brand Story


Liu Lijun, the founder of the Tea & Source brand, and chairman of Anali Co Ltd has been fond of drinking tea since her childhood.

When she was a little girl, she often secretly drank her father's best tea. As a high school student, she knew how to squeeze juice from the leftover tea and apply it to her face with honey. Ms. Liu is fascinated with tea. She is generous in sending gifts of gold and jewellery, but she is unwilling to give tea. She has pondered on how to protect skin and preserve health with tea.

In 2004, she registered the Tea & Source trademark. "At that time, I dreamt of clear springs and tea gardens beneath mountains. A group of fairies bathed in the spring and in front of the tea garden. This scene inspired me to come up with the trademark Tea & Source. Later, I happened to meet a friend from South Korea, who was engaged in chemical refining. I asked him how to extract tea essence. Subsequently, I founded a team to develop the tea products." Less than half a year since the Tea & Source branded products came into the market, the green tea series have been favored and are in very high demand.

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