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Skin Tightener and Microgroove Eliminator


It has double functions of stimulating elasticity, collagen fiber regeneration and increasing the fiber reorganization process. It can remove the free radical, strengthen the skin tissue metabolism, make the skin tightened again; the skin becomes firm, delicate and elastic.

Pu'er Anti-Aging Cleanser Milk 


Contain natural Pu'er facial nourishing essence to mend the lowering activity. Make the skin fully absorb its excellent anti-aging ingredients. Tenderly and delicately remove the grime, thoroughly cleansing, showing clear skin of clarity.

Pu'er Anti- Aging Toner


Bring the regenerate and antioxidant power for the skin, prevent skin aging, deep into the skin, enhance the firmness, fade wrinkles; protect the skin; deeply nourish, care and moisten the skin. Starting with the functions of skin "dynamic circle", completely assistant to aging, make the skin elastically smooth and firm, reproduce the youthful luster.

Pu'er Anti- Aging Firming Essence Oil


Elastic firming essence helps to keep the skin vitality and elasticity, and dilute fine wrinkles, crepine, and deep wrinkles. If it is used often, the skin will be silkily firm and smooth like congealed fat.

Pu'er Anit-Aging Essence Lotion


Enhance the skin replenishing power, quickly replenish hydrate, moisturize long effectively; natural Pu'er anti-aging plant essence ABT-EGF of the kinds in it can reconstruct the skin texture, tailored for aging, loose and dull skin.

Pu'er Firming Face Nourishing Cream


Natural antioxidant ingredient EGCG has 24-hour moisturizing and conditioning effect on the skin through the hydrate technical principle; the product can prevent hydro loosing, tighten and firm the loose skin, and keep the skin always in hydrate state.

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