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Green Tea Smoothing Milk


The skin-friendly compositions can be rapidly absorbed, creating a very fresh feeling. The green tea polyphenols can penetrate deeply into the skin, provide water into the skin, and the multiple trace elements can penetrate into the skin, smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and keep skin young.

Green Tea Cleanser


The product can thoroughly remove dirt and makeup residues from the skin, effectively balance skin oil secretion, tighten pores and immediately let the skin fresh and clean. It also promotes skin absorption of nutrients. The unique antioxidant green tea essence can replenish skin moisture, making the skin smooth and nourishing.

Green Tea Moisturizing Toner


The product is designed according to the speicial state of the skin. It can provide the skin a better nursing, and promote the intracellular protein synthesis. With the help of green tea active energy, it will accelerate the water cycling within the skin.

Green Tea Moisturizing Essence


The essence of natural green tea extract can supplement moisture effectively, balance skin pH, soften cuticles, nourish deep skin layer, rapidly enhance the transparency of the skin, and make the skin glossy-clear. It can effectively repair collagen fibers, and activate cell vitality. Persistent application can reduce fine lines and wrinkles significantly, make skin firm and elastic.

Water Circulation and Skin Improvement Agent


With the unique green tea antioxidant moisturizing essence, the product can rapidly moisturize the dry skin, and lock the water. The natural theanine can form a delicate transparent protective layer on the surface of the skin to prevent evaporation of moisture.

Green Tea Long-Lasting Moisturizing Cream


The green tea essence combined with high-quality mineral spring water, can make the skin moisturized and make the nutrients rapidly absorbed. The product can improve dry, sensitive, dull and other problems from the deep layer of the skin, making the skin, smooth, tender and elastic.

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