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Scented Tea Whitening Toner


The pure tea extracts and tea polyphenols can build protection barriers for the skin against active oxygen species and radicals. It will make the skin maintain adequate moisture for 24 hours, and with young and watery glory.

Scented Tea Lucent Whitening Cleanser


Containing rich nourishing ingredients extracted from scented tea, it can maintain skin smooth and clean all day long. The fresh and rich foam can fully remove makeups on the skin surface and the dirt in the pores, it can also balance the water and oil in skin, form a unique protection layer, and let the skin have a healthy white sheen.

Scented Tea Whitening Essence


The product can awaken the deep skin cells and accelerate the regeneration of skin. The bioactive extract from natural flower teas can quickly resolve dehydration, and restore skin health and white.

Scented Tea Whitening Cream Gel


The product contains pure plant water supplement factors, scented tea extract, aloe essence, vitamin B5 and other active elements, which can quickly supply dry skin with water, effectively uniform the skin color, andmake the tired skin revitalized and porcelain-like sparkling.

Scented Tea Whitening Day Cream


The product contains complex extracted whitening elements, which can quickly and effectively take care of the skin deeply. It can help restoring skin self-repair capabilities, strengthen the ability of the tissue to regenerate, accelerate pigment metabolism and cell regeneration, and rapidly increase the transparent texture, leaving the skin shining and supple.

Scented Tea Whitening Night Cream


The product can promote tissue regeneration, accelerate skin metabolism, inhibit pigment formation, and thoroughly improve dull color. In addition, it can completely brighten your skin, and make the skin showing the rosy pink healthy color.

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