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Black Tea Restraining Water


The product can balance water and oil in the skin. It can eliminate greasiness and restore the skin, making it look fresh, smooth and clear.

Black Tea Cleansing Cream


The product contains unique oil control composition, which can not only clean the face but also absorb excess oil of the skin. It can effectively keep the skin looking fresh and clean all day long, and can make the skin healthy, clean and smooth.

Black Tea Repaire Essence


The product effectively balances the exudation of the sebum and eases defects of the face caused by fatigue and pressure; it can also instantly activate the skin and enhance its defense capability, promoting youthful and firm skin.

Black Tea Cooling Clean Balance Milk


The active elements can quickly penetrate the deep layer of the skin, promoting skin metabolism, balances the exudation of sebum, cleans out pores, strengthen hair follicles, eliminates greasiness, and restores vitality.

Black Tea Anti-Acne Repair Milk


The small molecules enabled it to instantly penetrate the skin, creating clean, healthy and refreshing skin every day.

Black Tea Anti-Acne Essence Cream


The small molecules make it able to instantly penetrate the required level of the skin, and create clean, healthy and refreshing skin every day.

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