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Chamu, good for your liver and gallbladder


Chamu has come up with a special package that provides all these benefits.

Tea Nourishing Shampoo


The product with tea essences can effectively relieve the scalp and help to improve blood circulation. It can also promote hair growth, rapidly moisturize the hair, and supply nutritional supplements, which make the hair healthy and beautiful.

Tea Nourishing Shower Gel


The product contains whitening essence and has good effects on cleansing, moisturizing, and beautifying the skin. It makes you feel fresh after use, and your skin will be softer and whiter.

Tea Nourishing Conditioner


Apply conditioner onto the palm, spread evenly over wet hair. Don't apply it on the scalp and hair roots. After two to three minutes, wash with clean water.

Tea Nourishing Fragrance Bath Milk


Extracted pollution-free tea essence is used to produce this high quality bath milk with elegant fragrance. This product helps repair the skin. With its meticulous care, it can make the skin feel silky smooth.

Tea Nourishing Fragrance Body Lotion


The extracted pollution-free tea essence is very suitable for Asians, with its herbal tea extracts and other nourishing elements. The product can achieve perfect nourishing and moisturizing effect with the elegant fragrance.