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Chamu, good for your liver and gallbladder

Updated: 2013-02-22

During the March–May period, spring, China becomes warmer, the ice and snow melt, river levels rise, and new plants sprout, but, unfortunately, it’s also a time when various bacterial and viral pathogens can breed, and, people may have to deal with migraines, irritability, a lack of strength, or laziness and sleepiness.

The human body’s metabolism relies a great deal on the liver and gallbladder, which are vital for storing and regulating the blood volume, and helping humans adapt to extreme weather changes – which is why we should be careful about how they’re functioning in spring.

Traditional Chinese Medical (TCM) theory holds that the liver and gallbladder depend on their interaction with each other for good health. The liver produces bile, so, without some sound releasing function by the liver, bile is not discharged normally, and an abnormal discharge affects the liver.

In Western medicine, however, the liver and gallbladder function separately and the gallbladder is the less important, so it can be removed if it is not functioning properly. But, as is the case with a family, where it is less likely to be a happy one if the father is missing, the body can get in trouble without the gallbladder. There is an example in our beauty shop. A woman’s gallbladder was malfunctioning and she went to the hospital, where they decided to remove it. At first, she was fine and felt nothing, but half a year later she encountered an endocrine malfunction and blood imbalance and was diagnosed with uterus problems.

Chinese medicine has a way to deal with this, a substance, which, when combined with natural tea oil, helps organs function properly and nourishes the liver and gallbladder, improving immunity and giving better skin color and health.

Chamu is a skincare product that uses materials extracted for a natural, safe, green, and effective health product. And, this spring, Chamu has come up with a special package that provides all these benefits.