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'Edge of Tomorrow' dominates China's box office

[2014-06-11 15:30]

"Edge of Tomorrow," a sci-fi action film starring Tom Cruise, easily outperformed "X-Men: Days of Future Past" in its opening weekend.

Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow set for premieres

[2014-05-09 11:14]

Tom Cruise is set to hit London, Paris and New York in the same day for the consecutive premiere of 'Edge of Tomorrow' which will take place on May 28.

Tom Cruise: Top Gun 2 would be 'fun'

[2014-04-01 15:51]

Tom Cruise - who played LT Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell in the 1986 movie - admits 'Top Gun 2' would be fun but insists there are "stumbling blocks" which need to be tackled.

Romancing at the Oscars

[2014-02-28 10:09]

Top hottest couples at the Oscars.

Tom Cruise has date with Laura Prepon

[2013-11-28 08:58]

Tom Cruise has reportedly been on a date with fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon.

Tom Cruise denies in defamation lawsuit he 'abandoned' daughter Suri

[2013-11-11 10:23]

Tom Cruise called reports that he had abandoned Suri after divorcing Katie Holmes "patently false" for a defamation lawsuit against a German company.

Top 10 most popular star dads

[2013-11-01 14:51]

Take a look at these stars, who juggle their roles as a star in showbiz and a loving father at home.

'Oblivion' premieres in Tokyo

[2013-05-09 09:44]

Tom Cruise make an appearance before fans at the Japan premiere of the movie "Oblivion" in Tokyo May 8, 2013. The movie will be released in Japan from May 31, 2013.

Tom Cruise promotes 'Oblivion' in Tokyo

[2013-05-07 16:08]

Tom Cruise attends a news conference for his movie "Oblivion" in Tokyo May 7, 2013.

Tom Cruise attends Oblivion premiere in Taipei

[2013-04-07 10:52]

Actor Tom Cruise and actress Olga Kurylenko visited Taiwan from April 5 to 7 to promote his latest movie "Oblivion."

Tom Cruise attends the Japan premiere of 'Jack Reacher'

[2013-01-10 15:45]

Cast members Cruise, Pike and director McQuarrie wave during an event before the Japan premiere of the movie "Jack Reacher" in Tokyo.

Tom Cruise and cast members promote movie 'Jack Reacher' in Tokyo

[2013-01-09 16:52]

Cast members Tom Cruise (R) and Rosamund Pike attend a news conference to promote their movie "Jack Reacher" in Tokyo January 9, 2013.

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