Father pursues university degree

By Liu Kun ( China Daily ) Updated: 2014-04-17 09:20:38

Father pursues university degree

Su Yibin and his daughter Su Xiaomei took the college entrance examination last year and enrolled in the same university.

"The books on the left shelf are those from when I helped my daughter prepare for her college entrance examination, and the ones on the right are the used books that I bought in college."

Those on the right shelf include some books to help him with his Chinese and English.

Father pursues university degree

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Father pursues university degree

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"They are relatively weaker, so I need to read more to catch up," Su says.

The preserved fish and meat hanging in his dormitory are from his hometown.

"These are enough for the whole semester. I only need to buy some vegetables. They save me a lot money.

"I wish to be a math teacher in the future because I like math very much," Su says.

Among all 96 students in advanced mathematics, Su was the only one to get full marks, and his talent means he is often consulted by his classmates during the breaks.

"Uncle Su asks us to work on the problems on our own at first, and when we get confused then we turn to him," says Ruan Ying, a student in Class 3.

But although Su gets on well with his classmates, it's a different story when it comes to his relationship with his daughter, Xiaomei, who turned 17 in March.

Su can feel his daughter's love for him - during the interview he lifts his feet up and proudly shows off his shoes, saying, "Xiaomei bought these for me with the money she earned in her first part-time job."

However, he knows she hates the fact he is on the same campus, as she refuses to speak to him.

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