Real Yunnan cuisine in a fresh setting

2011-02-24 10:05:23

A dining experience at Yunnan restaurant The Moss might easily be remembered as more than satisfying; this place strives to be authentic.

A sliver of the Big Apple

2011-02-24 10:04:51

"Authentic" corned beef and pastrami is now available at one of Beijing's newest restaurants, Bistro, which opened recently on Xiushui Nanjie in the Jianguomenwai diplomatic district.

Hubei specialty and snack

2011-02-23 17:36:14

Dongpo cake is named after Su Dongpo, the famous litterateur in Song Dynasty, for his favor towards this snack when he was exiled to Huangzhou. It is a traditional dish in Huangzhou and E’zhou with a long history.

Tianjin snacks

2011-02-23 17:32:46

Tianjin is proud of its delicious snacks that are renowned throughout China. They are generally characterized by a bit salty but strong flavors that have been evolving and developing since the area was first settled in the sixth century.

Hebei specialty and snack

2011-02-23 17:27:46

Lolo almond juice is a kind of plant protein drink made of natural wild almond ,with healthy functions such as adjusting blood fat, improving nonspecific immunity, beautifying, etc.

Tips about eating chinese cuisines

2011-02-22 14:08:46

Chopsticks, which were called "Zhu" in ancient times and are called "Kuaizi" now, have been used as one of the main table utensils for more than 3,000 years.

Jian Bing Guo Zi

2011-02-22 14:05:07

With quite a long history, "jian bing guo zi" is something quite unique to Tianjin. It is a kind of Chinese pancake that is usually sold as a fast breakfast food on the streets.

Goubuli steamed stuffed buns

2011-02-22 14:02:50

As the most famous Tianjin snack, Goubuli steamed stuffed buns date back more than 150 years. What makes them so delicious is that all the processing steps, including selecting ingredients, mixing, stirring, rubbing and rolling, involve special techniques.

Time to Tango!

2011-02-21 10:23:05

One of the newest attractions on Wyndham is a new Argentinean steak house, Tango, that opened in the last quarter of 2010. Designed by the prominent Hong Kong architect team Zanghellini and Holt, the restaurant is adorned with distressed timber tables, dimpled bricks and cream-colored tiles.

Sichuan grand dame

2011-02-21 10:23:05

Sichuan Fandian's Wangfujing and Prince Gong's Palace branches were relocated and reopened at the present location at Xinjiekou last December, where the historic restaurant takes on a new look and offers a new set of classic, as well as updated Sichuan dishes.

Food reviews

2011-02-19 06:42:22

It is always a pleasant experience to find a dish you loved as a kid is as good as ever. That's what I discovered when I traveled back to my hometown in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province, for the Spring Festival.

Salmon steak: a culinary delight

2011-02-21 10:00:21

Whether you are a "fish on Fridays" person or you just fancy having a change from meats, one of the prime types of fish, salmon, haddock, cod or such, will invariably find its way onto your menu.